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In order to succeed with a UK visa application you will need to:

  • Know which category of UK visa to apply for;
  • Understand the UK immigration rule/s for that visa category;
  • Understand the UK Home Office’s policy guidance governing the way in which the relevant immigration rule/s are applied in practice;
  • Know what documentary evidence is required to support your application;
  • Know how to answer each question in your visa application form

If one were seeking an example of where the old adage “the devil is in the detail” applies, preparing and submitting a UK visa application would be a good illustration. There are countless ways in which a poorly prepared UK visa application can and will be refused. Inadvertently submitting an application under the wrong visa category, failure to meet one of the provisions of the relevant immigration rule/s, failure to submit a specified mandatory document, submitting a document in the wrong format, answering a question in your application form incorrectly are some of many examples of what can, and all too often does, go wrong with a UK visa application.

UK Visa Centre’s Gavin Shulman qualified as an attorney of the Supreme Court of South Africa in 1993. He subsequently qualified as a UK immigration adviser authorised by the Office for the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC) in 2006 and has accumulated 9 years experience of having assisted numerous clients from various countries with preparing and submitting a broad range of successful UK visa applications. During this time Gavin has acquired a thorough knowledge and understanding of the UK’s immigration laws and the manner in which they are applied by the UK immigration authorities. As such Gavin and UK Visa Centre are well placed to maximise your chances of succeeding with your application and obtaining the visa you require.

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About UK Visa Centre

UK Visa Centre offers the services of a qualified and experienced UK immigration consultant. We can assist you in obtaining any type of UK visa you may require. We can also help you to acquire British nationality and a British passport. We take great pride in our professional and personalised service standard, see our "Client Testimonials" in this regard.


UK Visa Centre is an independent UK immigration consultancy.
We are in no way affiliated to the UK immigration authorities
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